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Neurobiology is the study of the development of the brain and nervous system; does not include the psychological or behavioral aspects or nervous system repair; bit ot applies to any age group when the nervous system is undergoing development.
Neurobiology Information
Theories on the Role of Brain Structures in the Formation of Emotions
Limbic System: the Center of Emotions
The Main Areas Involved with Emotions
Affective States
Brain Structure and Function I: Basics of Organization Bruce D. Perry,MD,PhDPDF
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Animal Models for the Neurobiology of Trauma Research
Biological Aspects of PTSD: Laboratory and Clinical Research
Decoding Traumatic Memory Patterns at the Cellular Level Thomas R. McClaskey,DC,CHT,BCETS
Emotion: An Evoluntionary By-Product of the Neural Regulation of the Autonomic Nervous System Stephen W. Porges
Curiosity: the Fuel of Development Bruce Duncan Perry,MD,PhD
Neurobiological Research on PTSD Matthew J. Friedman,MD,PhD
Stress and the Developing Brain National Institute of Mental Health
NeuroDevelopment al Adaptations to Violence: How Children Survive the Intragenerational Vortex of Violence NEUROSCIENCE -Anatomy & Physiology I -Animations,Movies & Interactive Tutorial Links -
http://science.nhmccd.Edu/biol/ap1int.htm - -
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the Brain
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Milestones in Neuroscience Research
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NEUROBIOLOGY Molecules,Cells and Systems – Animations
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Neuro Science Education
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Neuroscience Education
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Neuroscience Links
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