Dolphins, BrainWaves and Neuro Therapy
During the last past years, alternative medicine is using dolphins and their special capabilities to enhance healing potential in people with a physical disability, including spinal cord injury and dysfunction.

This human -dolphin connection is historic and ancient cultures speak about connective links to the dolphins. And even some Australian aborigine tribe known as the Dolphin People and believe their ancestors were the souls of dolphins who were slaughtered by sharks and then reborn as the first humans.

the dolphin brain is larger than a human brain and more complex in structure.
Scientists believe that dolphins can view the inside of our bodies similar to a sonogram performed on pregnant women. Dolphins navigate using a highly sophisticated sonar system, that emit a focused blast of ultrasound vibrations that reflect the objects when returns to the animals. Their powerful sonar that can penetrate up to three feet through sand, with a resolution significant enough to distinguish between a dime and a penny.

Dolphin Therapy: People who swims with dolphincs frequently report euphoric after their experience, and seems to infuse beneficial healing effects into the mind and body. Numerous people who have serious illnesses and depression have reported dramatic, long-term, favorable changes in their emotional state.

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